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Using Technology Readiness Level (TRL) to Evaluate Technology Risks

Learn with Ricardo Vargas the main aspects of technology maturity and the costs and risks associated with using more or less mature technology. NASA developed this tool in the 70s, but many organizations currently use it to understand the risks associated with using a specific technology on a project. Be mindful that technology here is not only IT-based. It can be a new type of concrete, material, disruptive organizational design, etc.


Don’t Be Trapped by the Easy Certification Route

In this week's episode, Ricardo addresses the pitfalls of the "easy" route to certification. He explains that we often want to find a shortcut to achieving our goals, such as getting a professional certification. However, the certification may apply to your CV or LinkedIn profile. Now, if it is not accompanied by understanding, it is worth little and survives even less.


3 Tips to Get PMP Certified Before the End of the Year

This week, Ricardo will address a question he has been receiving in the past weeks: Should I sit my PMP Exam now, or should I wait until 2021? In this episode, Ricardo tries to answer this question and provide some last-minute tips for those who do not want to “procrastinate” and get the job done this year.


Stakeholder Management - PMBOK 5th Edition - Part 1 of 2

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the chapter 13 of the PMBOK® 5th Edition, Stakeholder Management. Ricardo comments on the characteristics of the four processes that have been grouped together in this new knowledge area. In the next podcast, Ricardo continues to talk about how to execute and control the Stakeholder Management Plan.


Certification MCTS in Project 2010

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the advantages that the Microsoft Certified Technical (Technology) Specialist certification for Project 2010 bring forth to the project manager's career when combined with other certifications such as CAPM or PMP from PMI. He explains that a professional who has both qualifications has more chances of success in the field for he knows how to apply the technical theory using a PM tool.


Is it worth it to be a Project Manager? Part 1 of 2

In this podcast, Ricardo reflects on the profession of project management and talks about three links that the project manager needs to build during his career to make the profession worthwhile for him to society and to the company. He comments that the project manager needs to prepare like any other profession and that the path to becoming a great project manager is not simple.


PMI Agile Certification

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the new certification - PMI Agile Certification. He explains that Agile is a work philosophy based on strong collaboration of people. Ricardo also says that PMI has a set of best practices for managing projects, and the most important is choose the best to manage each project.