Don’t Be Trapped by the Easy Certification Route

In this week's episode, Ricardo addresses the pitfalls of the "easy" route to certification. He explains that we often want to find a shortcut to achieving our goals, such as getting a professional certification. However, the certification may apply to your CV or LinkedIn profile. Now, if it is not accompanied by understanding, it is worth little and survives even less.

We have many course options that promise a 2-day training to pass certification or get your money back. With all the respect for the options of each one, this type, of course, teaches how to pass the test but does not teach the hard task of leading projects.

And what matters to the customer, to your company and to you, is not the credential after the name. It is the project delivering the value that was promised.

Ricardo makes an analogy between certification and a driving license. You can do a driving school and pass the test because you were lucky or even because you trained so much on that specific race circuit that you simply memorized the movements. Here comes the question: do you know how to drive?

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