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Welcome to 2024: Exploring the Top 3 Game-Changing Trends in Global Project Management

In this first episode of 2024 of the Five Minutes podcast, Ricardo addresses the current presence of artificial intelligence and its impact on project management and the job market. The podcast offers insights into Ricardo's considerations for this year, covering AI, mathematical tools, geopolitical shifts, and evolving design methodologies. Listen to the episode to know more.


OpenAI Leadership Crisis: The Governance and Communications Madness

In this episode, Ricardo discusses the recent upheaval at OpenAI, likening it to a dramatic chapter from HBO's succession. CEO Sam Altman was fired on a turbulent weekend, leading to speculation and confusion. Microsoft, unaware of the decision, expressed concern. Key researchers resign, and Altman is rumored to return. OpenAI appointed Emmett Shear as CEO, and Microsoft later announced Altman's joining.


It's Dangerous to Give an Opinion About Anything

In this episode, Ricardo highlights the danger of uninformed opinions, especially in the era of influencers. Ricardo emphasizes the need for a "place of speech" where individuals speak from a position of knowledge. Drawing from personal experiences in conflict zones, he urges caution in expressing opinions without a solid understanding of the subject.


Why It Is Important to Recognize When It Is Time to Quit

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about the moment to get out of a certain situation and discusses three essential points based on the book "Quit" by Annie Duke. People are socialized to believe that staying in a harmful situation is a virtue, so the idea of stopping what is toxic, whether professionally or personally, is often seen as a negative choice and a demonstration of fragility.

Book cover

Building Resilient Organizations

Building Resilient Organizations - Best Practices, Tools, and Insights to Thrive in Ever Changing Contexts is another book of the serie that Brightline™ Initiative has produced in partnership with Thinkers50 .

In our tumultuous times, understanding and achieving resilience have never been more important. Some organizations have resilience in their DNA and the book is focused on identifying what sets these enterprises apart, exploring the nature of resilience for organizations. Ricardo Vargas was one of the participants, he wrote the chapter “Beyond Resilience: Leaders Must Urgently Embrace Antifragility”.


Using Technology Readiness Level (TRL) to Evaluate Technology Risks

Learn with Ricardo Vargas the main aspects of technology maturity and the costs and risks associated with using more or less mature technology. NASA developed this tool in the 70s, but many organizations currently use it to understand the risks associated with using a specific technology on a project. Be mindful that technology here is not only IT-based. It can be a new type of concrete, material, disruptive organizational design, etc.


BANI Is Not the Evolution of VUCA!

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about the relationship between the concepts of BANI and VUCA. The acronym VUCA for "volatile," "uncertainly," "complex," and "ambiguous" has its origins in the American army during the cold war and sought to explain the constant changes and complexity of contemporary entities, which alter our perception of what is right and what is wrong.


Remember That the Law of Diminishing Returns Also Applies to Your Project Management Efforts

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about the Law of Diminishing Returns applied to the effort we make to manage projects. We often doubt how much management is worth, and we try to simplify management as much as possible to avoid bureaucracy when we spend a lot of time in meetings or filling out documents and templates without reaching any results.