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Using the 7R’s to Plan and Deliver Change

In this episode, Ricardo shows how to use the 7R process to plan and drive change. The 7R’s process was primarily focused on IT initiatives, mainly using ITIL Change Management Process. However, every single change initiative can benefit from it, regardless of area or sector. The 7R’s are (Raiser, Reason, Return, Risk, Responsible, Resources, and Relationships).


Using the ADKAR Method in Change Management

In this episode, Ricardo explains the ADKAR method, developed by Jeff Hiatt. The model suggests a 5-step process, centered on the human change that, in consequence, becomes able to change organizations and society. ADKAR and the acronym of the stages of Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement.


5 Ideas to Mitigate the Scope Changes in Your Project - Part 1 of 2

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about how can we minimize scope changes in a project. He explains that we need to have a connection between the functional scope, client-oriented, and the technical scope, that is team-oriented. And that we also should make a plan as detailed as possible. Next week, listen to the continuation of this podcast, where Ricardo will suggest three other control measures:


Replanning x Rescheduling a Project

In this podcast, Ricardo Vargas discusses the main differences between replanning and rescheduling a project. Although both have as their objective to apply the decisions of the change control process, the approach and scope of changes in each case are significantly different.


My sponsor has changed. And now?

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the actions that the project manager should have when the sponsor of the project changes. He explains that although the sponsor is the great supporter of the project, this is a natural fact, he also gives 4 tips on how the project manager should act when it happens.


Procurement Management and Claims

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the relationship between suppliers and customers, the process of procurement management and claims. He explains that often the claim generates a discomfort between the parties and that the best way to avoid this problem is to plan the project in the best possible way, defining in detail the scope and trying to document all the changes during the project.


Integrated Change Control System

In this podcast Ricardo talks about the importance of project change management. He assert that the relevant is not to avoid the change, but manage it in a proper and assertive way, aiming the global benefit for the project.


Procurement Processes Changes in the PMBOK Guide 4th Edition

In this podcast Ricardo talks about the changes related to the Procurement processes, where some of the 6 processes described in the third edition of the PMBOK Guide were melted, resulting in 4 process at the PMBOK 4th Edition. This new structure gave more clarity and fluidity for the readers, summing up all the procurement process with the verbs "Plan", "Conduct", "Administer" and "Close".


Project Change Control Board (CCB)

In this podcast, Ricardo explains what is, how works and how relevant is the project change control board (CCB), the most important team inside each project. This podcast was recorded only in Brazilian Portuguese. The link below is for the Brazilian Portuguese version.


Change Management in Projects

In this episode, Ricardo talks about the displacement of positions caused by changes and the importance of communication while managing changes in projects. Ricardo also points out that every change is easier to assimilate when the information is reasonable, justifiable and not imposed, thus generating more credibility to the project.

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