The Year in Review and What to Expect of 2023

This episode concludes the 2022 podcast series as Ricardo looks back on the year's events.

Ricardo says that 2022 was, in some ways, a different year. Maybe because we recently emerged from the lockdown situation caused by Covid, society stayed in something like a "limbo" state.

In particular, he emphasizes three noteworthy aspects of the year 2022:

The first is about unpredictability: at the beginning of this year, a war broke out in Europe, and few saw it coming and the full consequences of it. Climate change also contributed to the perception that the problems are not a problem for future generations and that climate disruptions are happening now.

The second point concerns technological advances, such as the recently announced clean energy from nuclear fusion. Technology is at the center stage of every single business worldwide.

The third and final point is about estability. Ricardo mentioned that the only place you can find stability is in the dictionary. He discusses the layoffs in technology companies that surprised most of the workforce, the Twitter changes in leadership, and its disruptive impact. Companies considered safe places to work and grow are not that so great anymore.

Finally, Ricardo offers some thoughts on our most valuable resources for surviving in this unstable environment: our emotional capability, mastery of our fears, and adaptability to the various changes we face.

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