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Review Your Metrics Because They Lose Value Over Time

This week, Ricardo talks about metrics and discusses why we should review metrics often to make sure they are still valuable. One of the main threats of old metrics is that people get used to the engine behind it, and they know exactly how to work so that they stay on permanent “green” without truly seeing the whole picture.


Project Indicators X Project Management Indicators

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the difference between the project indicators and indicators of project management. He explains that the project indicators measure the expected benefits and these usually appear after the project ended, but the indicators of project management are related to control during project execution, where planned deliveries are compared with performed deliveries.


Key Performance Index

In this podcast Ricardo Vargas talks about the KPI - Key Performance Indexes. KPIs are indexes that give the project a numeric result. He explains that these indexes can show the status of the schedule, cost, scope, quality and other issues. Exhibiting information in a graphical way, the project manager can have a fast and effective way of communicating information. This podcast was recorded only in Brazilian Portuguese.

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