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FOMO Should Not Be a Metric of Your AI Project

In this podcast, Ricardo discusses the importance of implementing AI projects with metrics, cautioning against the fear of missing out (FOMO) as a driving force. He draws attention to the high expenses of AI, especially those related to hiring qualified personnel and purchasing processing power. To analyze possible time and cost savings, Ricardo suggests using simulations to help businesses properly weigh the costs and advantages.


Why Should I Care about the Hawthorne Effect?

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about the Hawthorne effect. Despite the rather unusual name, the effect is associated with changing our behavior whenever someone observes us. He gives examples in our daily lives, such as the compliments our young children receive when they stay at other people's houses or when we watch programs like Big Brother. Ricardo also talks about the Hawthorne effect in projects.


Outputs and Outcomes: When Movement Does Not Necessarily Mean Progress

Nowadays, all those leading projects and initiatives only talk about outcomes. In this week episode, Ricardo reflects on the concept that outcomes are everything while outputs are irrelevant. For him, outputs and outcomes are equally important because outputs are the only way to produce outcomes. The problem is the disconnection between the outputs we product and the outcome we want to reach.


Identifying the Project Vital Signs

In this podcast, Ricardo makes a comparison between monitoring of the project and monitoring of a patient in an Intensive Care at the hospital. He explains that the Project Manager should monitor since the beginning, the project vital signs and based on these signals, identify deviations and take preventive actions for the project remains viable.


The Percent Complete Problem

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the most common mistakes people make when calculating the percentage of completion of a phase or activity group in the schedule. He explains that when calculating this percentage, we need to consider the total duration of phase or group and the worked hours.


Key Performance Index

In this podcast Ricardo Vargas talks about the KPI - Key Performance Indexes. KPIs are indexes that give the project a numeric result. He explains that these indexes can show the status of the schedule, cost, scope, quality and other issues. Exhibiting information in a graphical way, the project manager can have a fast and effective way of communicating information. This podcast was recorded only in Brazilian Portuguese.

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