Value of Project Management

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What are The Top 3 Values Project Management Brings to an Organization: The Elevator Pitch

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about the three central values ​​that project management brings to the organization that you could talk about in a brief speech in an Elevator Pitch. The first: Project management is one of the most powerful tools to organize your workflow and prevent chaos from setting in. Regardless of the approach used, project management will define the criteria that will manage the flow of work within the organization.


Outputs and Outcomes: When Movement Does Not Necessarily Mean Progress

Nowadays, all those leading projects and initiatives only talk about outcomes. In this week episode, Ricardo reflects on the concept that outcomes are everything while outputs are irrelevant. For him, outputs and outcomes are equally important because outputs are the only way to produce outcomes. The problem is the disconnection between the outputs we product and the outcome we want to reach.


Intangibility of Results and the Value of Project Management

In this podcast, Ricardo Vargas talks about the difficulty of proving the value of project management. He explains that oftentimes the benefits acquired by project management are not tangible and that not everything can be mathematically measured, so the companies should create productivity drivers to measure the success of the projects. This podcast was recorded only in Brazilian Portuguese.