WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)

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5 Tips From Ricardo Vargas To Master A Work Breakdown Structure

In this video, Ricardo shares tips for you to master the construction of the WBS for your project. A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a tool used in project management to break down a project into smaller, manageable sections called work packages. It organizes and defines the total scope of the project by representing the work specified in the currently approved project scope statement.


The Magic of Affinity Diagrams

Ricardo talks about affinity diagrams in this week's episode and how this technique can help you and your team organize ideas. He explains that when structuring a process, the scope of a project, risks, and other ideas, we usually create groups and distribute information within these groups. We will think differently using the affinity diagrams; first, we will have the pictures and then group; it is like an EAP in reverse.


Measuring the Physical Progress of the Project

How to measure how far you are to finish a task where creativity is relevant and inspiration can accelerate or decelerate the progress? In this podcast, Ricardo talks about how we can best measure the real physical progress of the project and explains the application of the concept of anchoring and the WBS decomposition.


Working With Multiple Projects

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the fractionation of a project into smaller slices. He explains that if the project is large you can divide it into phases when there is no dependency between them. He shows the advantages and disadvantages of managing multiple projects and cases in which this technique can be used.


How to Plan a Very Urgent Project?

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the key information that must be produced by the project manager when receives a very urgent project and need understand the purpose, scope, budget, schedule and constraints of the project in a very short period. He explains that making a quick planning and not very detailed is not ideal and can not be a normal situation in the company.



In this podcast, Ricardo Vargas talks about the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and explains that it is a visual graphic representation of the project. He also mentions how it should be split up to reaching a work package. He explains the best way to decompose it so that it doesn't get too much or too little detailed. This podcast was recorded only in Brazilian Portuguese. The link below is for the Brazilian Portuguese version.