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The Hype Cycle of Projects

In this episode, Ricardo talks about the hype cycle, which was first used in relation to technology but is also applicable to project management. He describes how projects go through phases of exhilaration that peak upon release, problems, and disillusionment. This cycle is like how technology hype, like that surrounding the 2022 introduction of ChatGPT, unfolds.


Project Versus Routine

Podcast that Ricardo presents and discuss in 5 minutes the main concepts and differences of projects and routine, talking in a practical way the limits that discriminate the routine work and project work.


Courses in Project Management

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the courses in the field of Project Management and how to choose a course, as well as the importance of the student's dedication to assure a good learning capability. He also talks about the importance of applying the project management principles and explains that, even though the course can make a great difference, applying the learned principles is what will establish the acquired knowledge.

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