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Where everyone thinks alike, no one thinks very much

In this episode, Ricardo discusses how the film "The Social Network" prompted him to think creatively. By encouraging people to focus on novel concepts rather than mundane routines, he reinforces the importance of escaping the conformity cycle. Ricardo argues that in order to improve one's creative and problem-solving abilities, one should seek out varied experiences, break out of patterns, and meet individuals with different viewpoints.


Directly from The Economist Innovation Award and Summit in London

In this podcast, Ricardo presents the highlights of the award promoted by the British magazine The Economist for the most important innovations of the year. Ratan Tata for the low-cost car "Tata Nano" and Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, are among the recipients. Topics of how project management is critical for innovation implementation were among the discussed items in a 2-day meeting with more than 120 people from all over the world.