The Unlimited Applications of Project Management in Agribusiness

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about Project Management in Agribusiness.

He explains how we can apply project management in this segment, which is so different for many of us.

Ricardo comments that agribusiness is transforming as powerful as the technology area, using digitalization, georeferencing e technology, and project to select crops that will be used in this area.

For example, the harvest of an agricultural product can be considered a project, as it is temporary and unique due to environmental, soil, and local conditions.

And project management will identify, for example, market, environmental, and price volatility risks that may occur depending on the type of harvest.

Agribusiness project management can also be used in logistics to distribute products and grains. Ricardo gives examples of global impact in this logistics, such as the distribution of grains in Ukraine contained in the Odesa port due to the war.

Another example is Brazil itself, a significant producer of agricultural products, with a continental dimension where the logistics of getting the products to the port is a great challenge.

Ricardo also talks about the agile approaches that are used by businesses that are born around agribusiness.

Finally, Ricardo comments on a project for grain flow using the river network, which is a doctoral thesis of a friend in Portugal and a project to support the sustainable planting of olive trees for olive oil in Morocco that was carried out during the period in which he led the project area at UNOPS (United Nations)

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