Navigating Complexity and Ambiguity

Learn what complexity is in projects, how to identify it, the factors involved in complexity, and how to design and implement an action plan.

As global connections increase and technology reaches any point on our planet, the environment becomes increasingly complex. It demands flexibility in the face of uncertainties that arise at every moment in our projects and makes us incapable of knowing or predicting an outcome. with accuracy.

In situations where the alternatives generate uncertainty, it is necessary to proceed with caution, identify possible paths to follow, consider the project environment, its main points, and make decisions as a team.

In this course, the student will learn what a complex environment is, the relationship between organizational and human factors in complex situations, identify complexity, understand project management in complex environments, develop and execute an action plan.

Delivery Methods

  • Corporate Onsite
  • Live Classes

What You Will Learn

  • Identify the causes and effects of a complex environment
  • Categorize complexity within different contexts
  • Knowing how to identify the organizational environment through its structure, governance model considering performance metrics and portfolio
  • Know the important factors in managing complex projects
  • Know the practices to structure the organizational environment
  • Know the different complexity scenarios
  • Create an action plan based on the existing environment and available resources
  • Implement the action plan

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Fact sheet

Estimated duration

16 hours

Target audience

Project, program and portfolio manager, business transformation leaders, sponsors and other stakeholders.


Basic knowledge of project management


Portuguese or English in face-to-face courses

Certificate and Badge

Upon completing the course, you will receive a credential issued using the Accredible platform that can be downloaded as a PDF file and also shared on your Linkedin or other social network profiles.

Example credential

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Who is this course for?

Project managers, people in leadership positions, and other stakeholders are involved in projects interested in this subject.
People involved in projects and programs are uncertain about the scope and may change during the project.
Those who are members of the Organization's PMO, responsible for supporting portfolio, program and project teams.
Business transformation leaders, project managers interested in being prepared for a VUCA environment.