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Jun 2024

Årets Projektdag 2024

Ricardo Vargas will deliver a keynote and a masterclass about Artificial Intelligence in Projects.

With artificial, the project management profession enters a new era with entirely new approaches to project management. Combining his expertise in project management and the results of the recent study "Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management," Ricardo Vargas will delve into the crucial findings and identify the key elements driving change in the profession.


Dec 2023

VII Conferencia Anual do PMI Angola

Ricardo is the keynote of one of the main conferences about project management in Africa.

He will share the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence and also deliver the workshop Uncertainty Cycle for the first time in Africa.


Dec 2023

SERP Conference Turkey

Ricardo will deliver a keynote about AI in Project Management and will also participate in a panel to discuss strategy, programs and portfolios at the SERP Conference Turkey.


Nov 2023

Global Peter Drucker Forum 2023

Ricardo is one of the ambassadors of the Global Peter Drucker Forum and will be present for the 7th time in one of the most relevant business conferences globally.

This year’s conference will explore what it means to build creative resilience as a capacity—as a new set of reflexes at every level of the organization and throughout its ecosystem of suppliers, customers, and other partners. We’ll draw on real-world stories and research findings from multiple disciplines to spur creative dialogue in Vienna—and new insights for us all for preparing our teams and institutions for future waves of disruption.


Nov 2023

Thinkers 50 Gala Awards 2023

Ricardo will attend the Thinkers50 Gala Awards, the celebration of the best business and management thinking in the world.

This year’s event program starts with the Ideas Premiere virtual pre-event on 4-5 October and culminates in the heart of London on 5-6 November, where we will unveil the 2023 Thinkers50 Ranking and the recipients of the Thinkers50 Distinguished Achievement Awards.


Oct 2023

PMI Global Summit 2023

Ricardo will participate as a PMI Fellow and as a speaker (on AI in Project Management) at the PMI Global Summit 2023 in Atlanta. PMI® Global Summit 2023 will bring together the leaders and project professionals committed to making ideas a reality. Learn to build a stronger future for yourself, your work, and your world.


Oct 2023

2 Government Seminar - PMI Santa Catarina

Ricardo Vargas is the keynote speaker at the second edition of the Seminar on Government Project Management with the theme AI in government projects. He will also deliver the award-winning PMDome workshop.

The 100% face-to-face event was designed to address the topic of project management in the public sector to contribute to improving maturity in project management in this segment, share good practices, and bring together professionals who work in the area.


Oct 2023

PMIRS Summit 2023

Ricardo Vargas is the keynote speaker at the PMIRS Summit 2023 with the theme AI in projects. He will also lead the Uncertainty Cycle workshop.

Promoted by the Rio Grande do Sul Section of the Project Management Institute, the PMIRS Summit 2023 is the event to encourage and strengthen the project management culture, connecting and empowering people to turn ideas into reality!


Oct 2023

18th SCGP 2023 - Capixaba Project Management Seminar

Ricardo Vargas is the keynote speaker at the Capixaba Project Management Seminar that will take place on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of October with many Projects, Innovation, Technology, and Leadership. He will address the AI theme in projects and teach the Uncertainty Cycle workshop.

This seminar brings together renowned professionals and experts from different fields worldwide to discuss the latest trends and best practices in project management.


Oct 2023

Navigating Tomorrow: New Insights on the AI-Driven Project Management Revolution

In this webinar, we will present our latest research and findings of our global survey, featuring 772 responses, on the profound impact of AI on project management.

Explore the transformative potential of AI, as recognized by an overwhelming 74.79% of experts, in revolutionizing project execution, decision-making, and strategic alignment. Discover how AI-based tools have led to remarkable improvements in project delivery for 41.06% of respondents. Learn about the urgent need to embrace new skills like data analysis and AI algorithm management, highlighted by 62% of experts.

Explore the critical integration of sustainability considerations (82.86%) and championing diversity and inclusion (25.50%) in project management strategies. Ethical implications, voiced by 74.78% of experts, will be discussed, and how AI acts as a catalyst, driving innovation and propelling project management strategies for 65.13% of respondents. Join us to gain valuable insights and practical knowledge for harnessing the power of AI in project management success.

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