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Nov 2021

Ricardo is the keynote of the event and will discuss the future of the project work and how to manage uncertainty and volatility in an ever-changing world. The presentation will cover future and more fluid project management, a paradigm shift on what stability means, technology, and AI impact on project delivery.


Jul 2021

Ricardo will be the main keynote of the event. ConaGP is a Brazilian Project Management Congress held annually. The event is 100% digital and was created to add to the events already offered in the market and thus increase companies, professionals, and students' exposure to content on the theme. As well as encouraging the growth of maturity in Project Management in Brazil.


Apr 2021

PMSummit 2021

Ricardo will give the keynote "Managing Projects and Initiatives in a Post Covid era: Understanding and Handling Uncertainty" in the largest project-related event in the Middle East.


Mar 2021

Career and Work in the Pandemic World: Understanding What Matters

In the last ten months, we have lived in an unprecedented scenario. We have had to adapt, change our behavior in various ways, socially, personally and professionally. In this session, Ricardo Vargas will share the vision with a focus on what the future will be from the point of view of career and work.


Mar 2021

NewGenP Live about Business Transformation

In this webinar, we will have a passionate discussion about business transformation and how product ownership is a key to any successful transformation.


Nov 2020

The Big 5 Event: Redefining Construction

Through four inspiring days, the event will provide an extensive product showcase alongside a focused “Redefining Construction” programme, exploring project management, smart & digital, sustainability, architecture & design, and facilities management strategies to build the construction industry of the future.

Ricardo Vargas and Tahirou Assane will talk about the Brightline Transformation Compass and the People Manifesto to support a human-centric transformation.


Oct 2020

12 Global Peter Drucker Forum: Leadership Everywhere

Peter Drucker, whose life spanned the twentieth century, labeled that time as the era of organizations and institutions. Observing the dramatic rise of complex large-scale enterprises, he saw them as the new backbone of society and the economy.

As a consequence, he recognized the growing role of managers as fundamental to making these new legal, economic, social, and ultimately human constructs work. He also saw that when hospitals, education institutions, government bodies, and companies don’t perform, society at large does not function.

Ricardo will be a panelist on the panel: Leadership is more than good management.


Oct 2020

PMO Global Awards 2020

The PMO Global Awards Experience is the largest online conference in the world on PMOs and brings together hundreds of professionals and organizations from the most diverse countries.
Created collaboratively by the PMO Global Alliance community most experienced members, in this conference you will find unique opportunities for learning, experience exchange, and networking.
Ricardo will host a panel with Itera, one of the finalists of the PMO Global Awards on October 28, 2020.


Oct 2020

Project Evolution World - Jornada do Conhecimento PMI Brasil

Ricardo will open the PMI Brasil Knowledge Day addressing the topic of Negotiation: Art and Technique.

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