BANI Is Not the Evolution of VUCA!

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about the relationship between the concepts of BANI and VUCA.

The acronym VUCA for "volatile," "uncertainly," "complex," and "ambiguous" has its origins in the American army during the cold war and sought to explain the constant changes and complexity of contemporary entities, which alter our perception of what is right and what is wrong.

The acronym BANI is more recent and was created by anthropologist Jamais Cascio in 2018. The term means "brittle," "anxious," "non-linear," and "incomprehensible" and has become very popular with the pandemic.

For Ricardo, despite the acronyms BANI and VUCA having different formats and many saying that BANI is an evolution of VUCA, he shows evidence that the two terms reproduce practically in the same way (despite using other names) the functioning of our society marked by instability, transformation, and inability to predict. The instability causes a feeling of uncertainty, out of control, and anxiety in people.

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