Ricardo Vargas' Interview About His Book Planning in 140 Tweets

On this occasion, we interview Ricardo Viana, for his book «Planning in 140 Tweets«. The book covers the key aspects of project management in a simple and fast way.

En esta ocasión entrevistamos a Ricardo Vargas, por su libro «Planificación en 140 Tuits«. El libro trata los aspectos clave de la dirección de proyectos de una forma sencilla y rápida.

PMI Center Stage Podcast

According to numerous studies, transformation risk is the greatest concern for leaders. The ability to connect ideas with results is the focus of Brightline.

In this podcast, Ricardo Vargas shares insight on how to execute strategic intent for moving ideas into outcomes. The strategy to outcome gap is an issue that every leader must address. Dr Vargas discusses how Brightline conducts research, sponsors events, and creates content around organization transformation. The transformation compass is a system for focusing on building employee commitment and empathy with customers. It is a systematic way for “putting people at the center of the process” and for increasing workforce engagement.

It’s Time to Hire a Chief Transformation Officer

Introducing the chief transformation officer, the dedicated individual who will ensure your organization stays relevant and fresh as the world of work and the landscape of business shift and transform.

“We really need to have someone at the senior level position that could help an organization be like a catalyst of” the rapid transformations in the workplace, such as COVID-19, says expert Ricardo Vargas, Executive Director at Brightline Initiative. And while COVID-19 provides the very real example of why such change is needed, “organizations were in deep need of transformation even before COVID-19,” Vargas notes.

Why Great Ideas Fail

To reduce failure rates and successfully deliver strategies in 2020 and beyond, organizations must overcome disruptive forces and flip posing challenges to opportunities and advantages. It all starts with aligning the organization from inside-out and outside-in. This article encapsulates how to conduct transformations and implement designed strategies following Brightline’s ten guiding principles. Supported by real world examples, the ten guiding principles explain the moral rules and basic truths your organization need to surmount in order to transform strategies into great results.

Digital transformation in the wake of a crisis: focus on people

Some technologies came of age during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Millions of people were forced into homeworking for the first time. Unable to see each other face to face, families worldwide had to quickly master Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and a host of other connecting technologies. Zoom’s daily users mushroomed to more than 200 million in March 2020 from a previous maximum total of 10 million. “Zoombombing” became a phenomenon.

Ricardo Vargas, who lives in Portugal, speaks about social isolation

It is all so unexpected that it is impossible to find in newspapers, magazines, websites or technical publications from a few months ago reports or articles with indications of what was to come so dramatically. Like any citizen in the world, here in Portugal or in Brazil, I suffer the effects of this pandemic. The biggest one occurred in the events that I participate around the world. It was a huge impact: in less than two weeks, more than 20 were canceled. I alone had to cancel eight trips in March. This part of the job was super complex. Published at Jornal Estado de Minas

Executive Excellence Editorial

At Brightline, our mission is to help organizations transform the way they transform. Since the birth of this Project Management Institute (PMI) initiative, together with leading global organizations, we have strived to research, design and share all those resources and tools that help organizations to close the expensive and unproductive gap that exists between the strategy design and implementation. Our effort to learn first-hand about the real and daily needs and difficulties of managers to achieve this purpose has been reflected in surveys, reports, guides, webinars and all kinds of materials, available on the Brightline website....

What Lies Ahead: Three Fundamental Changes to How We'll Work Post-Pandemic

The future of work requires that we change our mindset, the way we view work, our relationships with our employees and employers, and our careers.

As the number of new infections from the coronavirus slows, and economies around the world ease restrictions and begin to plan for recovery, uncertainty remains and there is increasing talk about what the world will look like in the post-pandemic world.

What is certain, however, in all the uncertainty, is that workforce playbooks will require a comprehensive overhaul post-pandemic. The world of work before the crisis will never look the same again after.

How Today’s Crisis Can Become Tomorrow’s Opportunities—at Warp Speed

With all the data, technology and connectivity that defines the world in which we currently live, how is it that almost no one saw the COVID-19 crisis coming?

There were plenty of warnings. News of a new and potentially dangerous virus in China broke late last year. As we headed into the New Year, epidemiologists and public health officials around the world waved red flags and advised governments and businesses alike to prepare.

Simple Solutions for Complex Problems

We live in an accelerated period of changes. The impact of digitization on society is being so strong that more than a time of change we are experiencing a change of time. The exponential evolution of emerging technologies such as big data, blockchain or 3D printing, is giving rise to the appearance of new professional profiles that must respond to new habits and expectations of clients who demand services that are quickly and easily implemented with full transparency and security.

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