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The scenery of Zaatari - Memories of the Labyrinth is one of the largest refugee camps in the Syrian War, located in the Mafraq desert, on the Syrian border with Jordan since 2012. In just four years, Zaatari became the third country and the fifth largest center in financial transactions. The documentary focuses on the human side and seeks to understand how more than 80,000 refugees attempt to rebuild their lives, overcoming the traumas of war. The film chronicles the day-to-day lives of characters struggling to keep their memories alive. The idea is to show how these lives are being redone.

Work and live your passion

Work isn’t just a job—it’s your life. It’s how you spend your days, weeks, months, and eventually years. If you don’t feel personally invested in the outcomes of your work, it will suffer and so will you. For me, there is no such thing as a “work-life balance.” At the end, there is no work and life. There is only life. Period.

Take note: A great idea is not enough for your start-up to succeed

Having a great idea isn’t everything. It takes work—not to mention guts, patience, dedication, and grit—to transform an idea into a viable business. Yet, founders can be blinded by excitement for ideas they’re passionate about. A common mistake of start-ups is adopting a way of thinking that says if you have a great idea, you have everything. Perhaps that’s one reason why only about one out of every 10 start-ups actually make it, while the other nine fail.

Brightline Initiative is recognising the need for people-related solutions

When pursuing a change of strategy direction, leaders can often overlook the people already within their organisation. However, with the need to close the gap between strategy design and delivery more important than ever, it appears necessary to rethink the ‘people gap’

Strategy is not a linear, two-step process, It is interconnected, iterative, and intertwined says Ricardo Viana Vargas

What, in your experience, is the state of strategy implementation in organizations worldwide?

Research indicates that a lot of work has been done towards identifying and defining the best strategy possible for a particular organization. In my experience working and talking with senior leaders, there is a common understanding that having a perfectly designed strategy won’t be enough to deliver great results. Organizations need to invest in the development of their strategy delivery capabilities.

Large enterprises must learn from agile start-ups – or risk stagnation

When it comes to strategy execution, smaller is better. For this reason, today’s corporate giants should look to agile start-ups for inspiration. In the modern world – where change seems to occur in the time it takes to click a mouse or tap a smartphone – newer, more agile companies are beating the long-standing industry players at their own game.

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