AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process)

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Analytical Hierarchy Process, Earned Value and other Project Management Themes – Third Edition

Free ebook presenting the third edition of the compendium of Ricardo Vargas’s work, that brings fourteen articles from 1999 to 2018 that will help you understand better the project management context. Table of contents Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to Select and Prioritize Projects in a Portfolio The Innovator’s Mindset: Radical Can-Do Great Strategies Need Great Delivery: The 10 Principles of Implementation Excellence ...


Directly from PMI Global Congress 2013 North America in New Orleans

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the PMI Global Congress 2013 which took place in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. He makes a brief summary of his perceptions of the key topics of the event, such as, how the project manager can practice and improve his, or her, leadership and influence skills. Ricardo also talks about the importance of participating in the PMI Global Congress, especially for the great opportunities for learning and networking.


Demystifying the Portfolio Management – Part 3/3: A comparison and Decision

In this third and final podcast of the series, Ricardo talks about the comparison to the project selection and choice. He gives two examples of comparison one simpler - the weighted score matrix, and other more complex - AHP - Analytic Hierarchy Process. Ricardo explains how to prepare each of the two examples. See the article about AHP mentioned in this podcast at: http://www.ricardo-vargas.com/pt/articles/analytic-hierarchy-process/


Demystifying the Portfolio Management – Part 2/3: The Criteria

In this second podcast of the series, Ricardo talks about the selection criteria in portfolio management. He explains that in addition to financial criteria, there are others who may be considered and, even if it is intangible, there are ways to make them tangible. Ricardo gives several tips on how to transform these criteria into tangible and also talks about the balance of the criteria chosen.


Demystifying the Portfolio Management – Part 1/3: The Strategy's Side

In this first podcast of the serie, Ricardo talks about the strategic and the portfolio management. He explains that if the manager does not know what is the strategy of the organization, its a waste of time to create comparative to select projects. Ricardo makes an analogy between stones of different sizes and the choice of the sieve for selecting these stones, in other words, you must set the criteria based on the strategy to select projects...


When is the best moment to implement Project Management Software

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the support tools for project management and the best time to instal them. He explains that there are several softwares on the market that are excellent, but installing a project management tool without a defined methodological process can be a big mistake because the tool must be adapted to the work process.


Directly from PMI Global Congress 2010 – Part 2 of 2

In this second series about the PMI Global Congress, Ricardo talks about the presentations that have happened and major focus. He explains that the congress brought 2,800 people from 64 countries and Brazil was the fourth country with the largest representation in the congress, behind only the United States, Canada and Japan. At the event happened 80 presentations and one of the most talked about was the concept of agile methodologies, and other...


Directly from PMI Global Congress 2010 – Part 1 of 2

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the presentation made by Bill Clinton at the Global Congress held in Washington between 9th and 12th October. He explains that Bill Clinton watched a television for the first time when he was 10 years old and before television, he most liked to do was talk. Ricardo talks that Bill Clinton told who is the three people that he most admires and he also adressed the problems faced by poor countries, especially...