Retrospective 2014

In this podcast, Ricardo makes his retrospective of 2014. Two of the points highlighted by Ricardo, among others, are the growing popularity of project management and the availability of various types of software to help the project manager, from the amateur to the professional.

The Danger of Multitasking in Projects

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the danger of performing multiple tasks without understanding the implications. He explains that we must always consider the residual time between tasks and the real time (or Takt Time) of each task. The Takt Time concept, according to the, is an adjustable time unit used in lean production to synchronize the rate of production with the rate of demand.

Directly from the PMI Global Congress North America 2014 in Phoenix - USA

Ricardo comments on the PMI Global Congress North America, held in October 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona. He highlights the more informal approach of the event and the inspirational talk by former basketball player, Earvin "Magic" Johnson. He also gives an overview of the main topics presented by project managers from all over the World.

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