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Why Projects are Like War: Quite Easy to Start and Almost Impossible to Finish

In this episode, Ricardo explores the difficulty in completing projects, highlighting three leading causes. First, anxiety causes you to start more projects than you can finish, resulting in a backlog of work. Second, planning based on ideal conditions leads to underestimating the actual complexity of the work, which causes delays.

OpenAI Leadership Crisis: The Governance and Communications Madness

In this episode, Ricardo discusses the recent upheaval at OpenAI, likening it to a dramatic chapter from HBO's succession. CEO Sam Altman was fired on a turbulent weekend, leading to speculation and confusion. Microsoft, unaware of the decision, expressed concern. Key researchers resign, and Altman is rumored to return. OpenAI appointed Emmett Shear as CEO, and Microsoft later announced Altman's joining.

It's Dangerous to Give an Opinion About Anything

In this episode, Ricardo highlights the danger of uninformed opinions, especially in the era of influencers. Ricardo emphasizes the need for a "place of speech" where individuals speak from a position of knowledge. Drawing from personal experiences in conflict zones, he urges caution in expressing opinions without a solid understanding of the subject.

The Cult of Immediacy is Dangerous and Very Risky for Your Project

In this episode, Ricardo emphasizes the modern cult of immediacy and the impact it has on professionals' patience and ability to concentrate. The younger generation seeks instant results in various aspects of life, including work and learning. This mindset is compared to "TikTok project managers," who expect quick outcomes and shallow understanding.

Project Management, AI, and Sustainability: Is This the New Triple Constraint?

In this episode, Ricardo discusses the broader context of AI in sustainability. While environmental sustainability is often the focus, Ricardo emphasizes the importance of social, environmental, and economic sustainability. He draws an analogy with the project management triangle (scope, time, cost) and introduces the "three C's": complexity, cost, and carbon.

How the Calculation of the Risk's Expected Monetary Value Can Mislead Our Project Reserves

In this episode, Ricardo discusses the common practice of calculating Expected Monetary Value (EMV) for risk management. EMV involves multiplying the probability of a risk by its impact to determine the exposure and, in turn, the financial reserves needed. He points out that using EMV for risk reserves is only effective when managing a large portfolio of risks as an insurance company does.

Organizations Want to Change Everything Without Changing Anything

In this episode, Ricardo discusses the standard rhetoric of change in organizations and individuals. While many talk about the need for change, they often struggle to take action. Ricardo emphasizes the importance of understanding the purpose of change and how it benefits individuals and organizations. Without a compelling reason to change, people tend to resist it due to fear of the unknown.

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