Notice: The 2008 episodes were only recorded in Portuguese.

Perspectives for 2009

In this podcast, Ricardo explains that the year of 2009 will be a challenge for all projects managers because of the limited resources they will be facing. He also mentions that the organizations will be more cautious while selecting their projects because they won't be able to execute everything...

Directly from Dubai

In this podcast, Ricardo presents his perceptions about one of the cities with biggest rate of growth worldwide, where a infinitude of giant projects are now undertake in order to transform Dubai into the touristic and economic. This podcast was recorded only in Brazilian Portuguese. The link below...

Social and Professional Responsibility

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the importance of creating the business in a correct manner, that is, how to generate prosperity with responsibility. He also says that project management is one of the best ways to bring prosperity to the world and that during a negotiation you have to foster a...

Rolling Wave Planning

In this podcast, the Ricardo talks about Rolling Wave Planning. He explained that the planning is more detail in the near term and detail in high level in the far term. Ricardo notes that this procedure is indicated when the project has a long duration (more than 1 year), where the horizon and...

Stockholm Syndrome

In this prodcast, Ricardo talks about the Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to projects. Ricardo shows that sometimes the project manager fails to report relevant events in order to not harm the relationship with the customer. This protective relationship to the customer can be bad for the project....

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