Retrospective 2010

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the main events of 2010 and the opportunities for project management. He explains that 2010 was a year marked by instability with the electoral process in Brazil and at the U.S. Congress and the fluctuation in world financial markets. Ricardo also talks about the growth of social networks, Wikileaks and the value of information.

200th Podcast - Soccerex in Rio de Janeiro

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the Soccerex - the largest convention and business of football in world, which was held in Rio de Janeiro between 20-24 November. He was invited to attend the event and had the opportunity to talk about some key issues for planning the 2014 soccer cup. Ricardo reminded that the works for the World Cup will be competing with the pre-salt, construction of hydroelectric, PAC and they will miss the entire human...

Paul McCartney Concert in Sao Paulo and Project Management for Mega Events.

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the production of mega events in viewpoint of project management, and uses as an example Paul McCartney's concert that he attended last Sunday. He shows the complexity to perform a concert where there will be 65,000 people watching and the activities needed to realize the show. Ricardo made the first version (draft) of an WBS for mega events that is in the download area, check out the link:...

CAPM Certification Part 1 of 2

In this first podcast of the series, Ricardo talks about the importance of CAPM certification (Certified Associate in Project Management) and for whom it is directed. He explains that this certification is intended to complement the skills of the project team, but can help sponsors better understand the universe of projects. Ricardo also talks of the main functions of the professional certified in CAPM.

Directly from PMI Global Congress 2010 – Part 2 of 2

In this second series about the PMI Global Congress, Ricardo talks about the presentations that have happened and major focus. He explains that the congress brought 2,800 people from 64 countries and Brazil was the fourth country with the largest representation in the congress, behind only the United States, Canada and Japan. At the event happened 80 presentations and one of the most talked about was the concept of agile methodologies, and other...

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