Rescue of Mining Workers in Chile: A Project Management Show

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the rescue of 33 mining workers in Chile from the view of project management. He comments that the expectation in realizing the rescue was very bad and the planning of the actions and setting priorities was essential for a successful rescue. In the next week, Ricardo will publish the second part of the podcast about the Global Congress

Directly from PMI Global Congress 2010 – Part 1 of 2

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the presentation made by Bill Clinton at the Global Congress held in Washington between 9th and 12th October. He explains that Bill Clinton watched a television for the first time when he was 10 years old and before television, he most liked to do was talk. Ricardo talks that Bill Clinton told who is the three people that he most admires and he also adressed the problems faced by poor countries, especially...

How to Prepare your Project Manager Resumé – Part 2/2

In this second podcast of Resumé series, Ricardo talks about how to present the experience in the resumé. He explains that often the job does not explain much. you need a separate space informing activities and projects that participated, focusing on project management. He also shows the importance of spending accurate information and good and bad experiments.

How to Prepare your Project Manager Resumé - Part 1/2

In this series of two podcasts Ricardo gives some tips about how to prepare correctly a resumé for the project management area. He explains how to insert your professional background, courses and experience. He describes in detail how to put your credentials (PMP, PgMP, CAPM, etc) in order to maximize your curriculum in a selection process. Part 1 of 2 podcasts.

How to Do Everything Wrong in a Project: The New Brazilian Power Socket

In this podcast Ricardo talks about the compulsory change in the power socket to the new standard. He aims to analyze what he believes are the main failures in the project with respect to the reasons for the change, including the increase in competitiveness for the Brazilian industry, and the decision process based contrary of what we call global marketplace.

Project Management in Services

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about projects in services. He explains that many people associate projects to major constructions and tangible products, but a training program or an improvement in the organization are also projects. He remembers that the project is to be temporary and unique and the service sector benefits greatly by using the best practices in Project Management.

Conflicts and Project Phases

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the conflicts during the project life cycle. He explains that when the conflict happens in the initial phases of project, the project manager should encourage to discuss the differences and clarify the understanding of the goals, but when the conflict happens in the stages of implementation, monitoring and control means that the project is being poorly managed.

PMI Career Framework

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about PMI Career Framework, which is an initiative to provide organizations and professionals with the necessary support for job descriptions in project, program and portfolio management, at no cost. He explains that this PMI service has mapped the professional positions and corresponding skills related to project, program and portfolio management by taking advantage of a research that was conducted with over 5,000...

What is the real meaning of the word project?

In this podcast, Ricardo discusses the definition of the word "project". He says that the word "project" has two meanings. The first is related to the endeavor needed to produce a unique product or service, as presented in the PMBOK® Guide. The second concerns the word "project" with the discipline of knowledge related to projects, programs and portfolios, such as the letter "P" from PMI and IPMA and the word "project" from the Project...

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