Strategy and Delta Model - Part 1 of 2

In this podcast Ricardo talks about the course of Corporate Strategy that he took at MIT. In the course the focus was the strategic model called Delta Model, where the customer relationship is the cornerstone of any strategy. The course was conducted by Prof. Arnoldo Hax, one of the world's experts in strategy.

Tribute to Rita Mulcahy

In this podcast, Ricardo pays a tribute to Rita Mulcahy, who passed away on May 15th. He says he had the opportunity to meet her back in 1998 in California, when he attended to a presentation she was giving. At that very moment he realized that Rita was a different person. Ricardo mentions that he participates in many project management discussion groups from several countries, and by the messages posted on these groups, it is easy to see that...

Make or Not Make Concessions: The Project Manager's Dilemma

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the concessions that the project manager often does. He explains that the concession usually is harmful to the project, because when the project manager makes a concession, he ceases to follow the plans, and shows that he is not serious about the plan. Ricardo also explained that once made the concession, it becomes very difficult to not do more.

Virtual Teams

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the management of virtual teams in projects. He explains that this is a big trend in the business world and shows the benefits of leading a virtual team, as well as the major challenges that must be dealt with like cultural, communications and geographic issues. Ricardo shows that technology is a major enabler for the project manager in this task and that the leadership style of the project manager while...

Lean Six Sigma Brazilian Congress

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the Lean Six Sigma Brazilian Congress that will take place on May, 12- 13th in Sao Paulo. He has been invited to talk about how project management can make a difference in Brazil. He explains that the congress will address several issues related to efficiency in corporate management in Brazilian companies so as to compete in international markets. Ricardo also emphasizes that the congress will cover topics...

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