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Earned Value Management System - Critical Success Factors

In this podcast Ricardo discuss the critical success factors of the use of earned value in projects. He presents the main areas where everybody must pay attention while using the technique and also approaches the relevance of the proper understanding of the concepts behind the numbers and how important is the project planning in order to use the EVMS.

Tragedy in Haiti: It is Time to Think in PM for Post Disaster Recovery

In this podcast Ricardo talks about the disaster that happened in Haiti on January 12, 2010, making a reflection about the facts using the Project Management perspective and how coordinated activities promoted by PM practices can bring agility to the recovery. He also approaches the PMI Methodology for Post Disaster Reconstruction, provided by PMI Educational Foundation, available at http://www.pmi.org/pmief/humanitarian/PDRM.asp.

Directly from Paris: The Secret of Project Management for Luxury Goods

Directly from Paris, France, Ricardo talks in this podcast about the most important characteristics of project management for the development of luxury goods, where criteria like speed and cost reduction are revisited and re-contextualized to reach a market that is driven by other assumptions. He focus on the image construction and exclusivity as essential peculiarity of the functional scope (requirement) of this kind of product.

The utilization of standards, frameworks and methodologies for Project Management

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the knowledge of the various standards, frameworks, and methodologies that project managers should have. He explains that the project manager must have the ability to understand a problem and solve it using various solutions for project management, making a mix, and if necessary, creating your own model.

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