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DICE Framework

In this episode, Ricardo talks about the DICE Framework, developed by Boston Consulting Group members to evaluate the chances of success of your project or of your chance management initiative. The factors on the acronym DICE: D – Duration, I – Integrity, C – Commitment and E – Effort receive a score from 1 to 4 and after a simple calculation, the result will help you compare if your project is more likely to be successful or to fail.


LogFrame – A logical framework

In this episode, Ricardo talks about the Logical Framework (LogFrame), interesting tool created by USAID, a United States government agency focused on humanitarian projects. More at


The Strategic Execution Framework (SEF)

In this episode, Ricardo comments on the Strategic Execution Framework® (SEF) directly from Stanford University. He highlights the simplicity and clarity of this framework created by IPS Learning and the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD). Get to know more about the SEF at