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Does it Really Matter Where You Document the Assumptions and Constraints?

In this episode, Ricardo starts speaking if the assumptions and constraints should be documented in the Scope Statement or the Project Charter. Then, he reflects about the real relevance of knowing in what “piece of paper” this information will be inserted and reinforce that relevant information is what drives the project to success. Ricardo used in this podcast the word Restriction as a synonym of Constraints (a PMBOK® term).


Integrated Change Control System

In this podcast Ricardo talks about the importance of project change management. He assert that the relevant is not to avoid the change, but manage it in a proper and assertive way, aiming the global benefit for the project.


Assumptions and Constraints in Projects

In this podcast Ricardo Vargas differentiate the concept of assumption from the concept of constraint in a project, associating the risks intrinsic to the proper choice of a set of assumptions for the project.