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Will We Need Reports, Templates and Analysis of Our Projects in Times of AI?

In this episode of the 5 Minutes Podcast, Ricardo delves into the implications of AI's rapid evolution, particularly about generating reports and analysis. He highlights using AI-generated insights to replace conventional statements and analytical tools. Ricardo envisions a future where sophisticated AI systems, like ChatGPT, are employed for project management and finance analysis, possibly replacing the need for tools like Power BI or Tableau.


How to Write a Great Problem Statement

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about the Problem Statement. He explains that we often receive a problem with a solution from our customers. The given solution is not always the correct one; before thinking about how to implement the solution, we need to be clearer about what problem our project is trying to solve.


There is no Template for Life

In this episode, Ricardo demonstrates his concerns about the blind use of templates everywhere. Despite being a reliable source of inspiration and ideas, the templates can make you think that your management work is just filling forms while, in reality, you should be thinking, deciding and acting.


Handling Similar Projects

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about how to manage similar projects with many features in common. He suggests the creation of information components and templates, like Lego bricks, which together will speed up the process of producing, for instance, of the scope and project budget documents, according to customer request.


The cost of Project Management and the PMO

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about how appropriate the amounts allocated to the project management activities in the project. He explains that there is no an international standard to define the values, but there are good practices. Ricardo also explains that the percentage for the costs of project management is variable in relation to the total project cost, will be less on projects that cost more and more expensive in lower-cost projects.


Lessons Learned

In this podcast Ricardo explains what are lessons learned and the benefits that we can reap by documenting all relevant project information. He also shows how to document the lessons learned and the resources that can be used in the documentation. This podcast was recorded only in Brazilian Portuguese. The link below is for the Brazilian Portuguese version.


Documentation in Projects

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the importance of documentation in projects, the problems that stem from a badly produced documentation and the use of technology to expedite the documentation process. This podcast was recorded only in Brazilian Portuguese. The link below is for the Brazilian Portuguese version.

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