Will We Need Reports, Templates and Analysis of Our Projects in Times of AI?

In this episode of the 5 Minutes Podcast, Ricardo delves into the implications of AI's rapid evolution, particularly about generating reports and analysis. He highlights using AI-generated insights to replace conventional statements and analytical tools. Ricardo envisions a future where sophisticated AI systems, like ChatGPT, are employed for project management and finance analysis, possibly replacing the need for tools like Power BI or Tableau.

The potential of generative AI, characterized by its ability to connect diverse ideas and discern patterns that elude human comprehension, is discussed. Ricardo acknowledges the discomfort and uncertainty surrounding this transformative trend. He emphasizes that envisioning and adapting to this evolving landscape is essential to stay ahead.

This episode references a recent research publication by Ricardo and Antonio Nieto, available at pmairevolution.com, which explores these ideas further and provides insights into the changing job landscape. Ricardo concludes by urging listeners to contemplate these changes and prepare for the future, which is already unfolding.