Let’s be Mindful: What really is a Distinct Mindset?

In this episode, Ricardo comments on a recent LinkedIn post comparing “Project Management Thinking” with “Scrum Master Thinking”. The post clearly presents one side as a controller, authoritarian, centralizer, etc. and the other as a team player and an enabler. On a rare reply to posts, Ricardo mentioned that this is not the right comparison. This is a comparison between competent and incompetent professionals. There was an implicit desire to connect the method with a competence profile. Competence and leadership go above and beyond the tool or technique you use. Take a look at several capital projects failing despite utilizing the state of art project management plan. Note that 70% of all Digital transformation fail… Pretty much all of them using Agile methods. If the method were the solution, the COVID-19 crisis would not be a leadership crisis like we see today.