Blockchain and the Project Management Office


Blockchain Research Institute
Toronto - Canada - 2019

Ricardo Viana Vargas
Executive Director – Brightline Initiative

Tahirou Assane Oumarou
Director of Operations – Brightline Initiative

Edivandro Carlos Conforto
Head of Strategic Research – Brightline Initiative

Anthony D. Williams
Co-Founder - DEEP Centre / Co-Author - Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything

This project takes a deep dive into the current state of project management and identifies key areas for improvement. It discusses five key areas where blockchain technology can improve project management including storing digital records, exchanging digital assets, reinforcing and verifying proper stakeholder behavior, building reputation systems, and executing smart contracts. It presents case studies of enterprises that are currently deploying blockchain to improve project management, including which activities are suitable (or not suitable).

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Blockchain , PMO (Project Management Office)
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