Leveraging Generative AI for Project Management

Learn how to incorporate generative AI technology into your project management work.

With the rapid rise of artificial intelligence, there’s a growing concern in all industries that AI may replace some roles. While generative AI will not replace project managers, project managers who know how to use AI may very well replace those who don’t. In this course, Ricardo Vargas shows you how to incorporate generative AI technology into your project management work, and the competencies you need to develop to manage AI projects successfully. He shows you the possible applications of AI in project management, how to manage AI projects, explains the ethical considerations of AI, and shares tips for preparing for a future with the increasing use of AI.

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Delivery Methods

  • Online Learning

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to AI in Project Management: This course will help you understand the significance of AI in project management and how it is reshaping traditional roles.
  • Applications of AI in Project Management: You will learn how AI can be used for project planning, scheduling, risk management, and communication improvement.
  • Managing AI Projects: Understanding the unique characteristics and challenges of AI projects, including considerations for data management and ethical implications.
  • Future Trends in Project Management: Exploring the future of project management offices (PMOs) in the era of AI and strategies to prepare for upcoming changes.
  • Ethical Considerations: Addressing ethical implications of AI project management, including bias, privacy, accountability, and transparency.
  • Readiness for the Future: You will learn practical tips and strategies for individuals and organizations to prepare for the future of AI-driven project management, emphasizing upskilling and adaptability.

Fact sheet

Estimated duration

The entire course has 11 lessons covering about 1 hour of video.

Target audience

This course was designed for everyone interested in learning about AI in Project Management.


No prior knowledge on the subject is necessary.


The course was recorded in English with automatically generated subtitles in several languages.

Who is this course for?

The project, Program, and Portfolio Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Team Members work with different methodologies to drive projects.
Those who are members of the Organization's PMO, responsible for supporting portfolios, programs and projects teams.
The strategic areas have priority projects that are fundamental to the maintenance of the organizational business.
Organizations are interested in selecting, prioritizing, and balancing projects and programs aligned with their strategy.

Scholarship and Financial Aid

In mid-2022, Ricardo decided to create the scholarship and financial aid program by donating $10,000 to establish a fund to assist qualified students in pursuing the school's courses.

Eligible candidates can apply for the scholarship all year round. You can contribute to the fund by making a voluntary donation at the checkout page for those aiming to support other students.

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This course is available online.

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