Perspectives and Retrospectives

Listen to Ricardo’s comments on key aspects of Project Management in the years that passed and his views on the perspectives.

This playlist has 16 episodes.

  • Perspectives for 2008 (31 Dec 2007)

    In this podcast, the last of 2007, Ricardo Vargas presents what he sees as the main trends for the next year, incluiding challenges and opportunities for the next year. This podcast was recorded only in Brazilian Portuguese. The link below is for the Brazilian Portuguese version.

  • Perspectives for 2009 (29 Dec 2008)

    In this podcast, Ricardo explains that the year of 2009 will be a challenge for all projects managers because of the limited resources they will be facing. He also mentions that the organizations will be more cautious while selecting their projects because they won't be able to execute everything they wanted. This means that projects managers shall play a fundamental role in their companies.

  • Retrospective of 2009 (21 Dec 2009)

    In this podcast Ricardo makes a retrospective of project management in the world in 2009. He presented the 5 highlights of the year in project, including Portfolio Management, Crisis Management and the government participation and bailout to projects.

  • Perspectives for 2010 (28 Dec 2009)

    In this podcast Ricardo makes a journey to the future, talking about the main perpectives for the incoming year. Optimism and opportunities are the key words for the project managers searching new challenges. This is the last podcast of 2009.

  • Retrospective 2010 (27 Dec 2010)

    In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the main events of 2010 and the opportunities for project management. He explains that 2010 was a year marked by instability with the electoral process in Brazil and at the U.S. Congress and the fluctuation in world financial markets. Ricardo also talks about the growth of social networks, Wikileaks and the value of information.

  • Perspectives for 2011 (03 Jan 2011)

    In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the opportunities for project management that will happen in 2011. He explains that in Brazil will be many opportunities in the areas of infrastructure, engineering, energy, oil and mining. Ricardo also reinforces that there is a shortage of skilled project managers in Brazil and that the highly qualified foreign competitors are coming in search of opportunities here.

  • Retrospective 2011 (26 Dec 2011)

    In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the events of 2011 from the point of view of project management. He said that 2011 was a year when there was a huge demand in Brazil for projects that are happening at the moment and at the same time a very large uncertainty in the world.

  • Perspectives 2012 (27 Dec 2011)

    In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the perspectives for 2012, continuing the subject of the last podcast (Retrospective 2011). He speaks of the continuing challenges in this new year and the opportunities that are born of them. He suggests two very important issues you should study this new year. Also, Ricardo leaves his New Year message, created especially for those who have experienced great difficulties in their work this year.

  • Retrospective 2012 (24 Dec 2012)

    In this podcast, Ricardo makes a retrospective of 2012. A year with mixed feelings. Unlike other years, where skill and expertise were highlighted, Ricardo comments on the noticeable lack of great leaders. In the next podcast, he will speak about the perspectives for 2013.

  • Perspectives 2013 (31 Dec 2012)

    In this podcast, Ricardo talks about his perspectives for 2013. He said several issues, among them: the continued instability in the external and internal scenarios, strong pressure for results measurement, increasing globalization and why is important to know new countries and their social and economic scenarios.

  • Retrospective 2013 (24 Dec 2013)

    In this podcast, Ricardo makes his retrospective of 2013. Again, a year with mixed feelings. A good year for some, a tough one for others. One of the points highlighted by Ricardo was the dangerous excess of expectation, from companies, governments and professionals, about what really project management can bring as a result, when well executed. In the next podcast, he will talk about the perspectives for 2014.

  • Perspectives for 2014 (30 Dec 2013)

    In this podcast, the last one of 2013, Ricardo talks about his perspectives for next year, in the world of project management. He highlights that the project manager's technical ability is becoming something already established and the professional should seek to differentiate herself to improve her ability to propose new ideas, new approaches, to risk and innovate in the projects.

  • Retrospective 2014 (31 Dec 2014)

    In this podcast, Ricardo makes his retrospective of 2014. Two of the points highlighted by Ricardo, among others, are the growing popularity of project management and the availability of various types of software to help the project manager, from the amateur to the professional.

  • Retrospective 2015 (14 Jan 2016)

    In this episode, Ricardo do a quick retrospective in the project management world. He says we must understand that volatility is part of the game and we should learn how to work with and around it.

  • Retrospective 2016 (11 Jan 2017)

    In this episode, Ricardo, in his traditional annual retrospective of the project management scenario, makes a reflection on how to think about the new year: plan but most importantly, do; seeking to maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity.

  • Celebrating 500 Podcast Episodes - 2020 Review and 2021 Perspectives (21 Dec 2020)

    This week's episode celebrates the 13th anniversary of the 5 Minutes Podcast and the arrival of a significant milestone: 500 episodes. In this special podcast, Ricardo reviews 2020 and shares his perspectives for 2021. He also shares an interview about podcasts' history and some curious facts, as he has never heard even an episode of his own podcasts. The interview is on your YouTube channel - Link here.


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