Abrahão Henrique

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo, besides being who he is in the “Project Management Good Practices” world, is an example of humility and selflessness."

Alessandro de Cristo

HSBC – México Linkedin "What can I say? He is just the best in his area, a world-class professional. He is highly recommended. Service Category: Business Consultant. Year first hired: 2009. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value."

Andre Araujo Hofmeister

Director, Planning & Business Development

Gerdau – Porto Alegre, Brazil "The experience of working with Ricardo and his team was excellent. We identify good opportunities for improvement and we also developed processes with great consistency for project and portfolio management."

André Serpa

Microsoft – São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "Besides being the most knowledgeable person in Project Management that I know, Ricardo is a great partner to work with. He always brings great opportunities for us to work together and is always negotiating with a Win-Win Situation in mind. If you have any project management issues that you need help, he is the guy to talk to."

Andre Valle

Fundação Getúlio Vargas – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo Vargas is one of the best MBA professors at FGV. Besides providing the students a rich experience, his classes fascinate everyone. Very few people do that, and Ricardo, with his professional experience and academic excellence, raises the FGV’s MBAs in Project Management to another level. It’s great to have you on the team, my friend."

Bruno Carvalho

Project Management

Embraer – São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo is one of best Profissional to deal with project consultant in companies. He has a lot of experience on Portfolio and Project Management. He has capacity to coordinate jobs for any segments for any companies to held and improve companies business, profit an so on."

Edwaldo Lippe


AES Tietê – São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo Vargas is an excellent professional and also a reference in the area of Project Management with whom I had the pleasure of living during the development of joint projects. During these moments, I could see his potential such as strategic thinking, drive for results, and especially your attention and skill in dealing with the people involved. From these competencies he can motivate teams to deliver high quality results."

Ernane Marques

Citibank – São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "I have been following directly Ricardo Vargas’ works. He is an amazing professional, who has been cooperating for those who work with Project Management."

Estevão Bela

São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo is an exemplary professional for all PMPs, sharing his abilities in relationships and knowledge in the multiple areas of project management."

Flávio Dutra Doehler

Superintendente de Empreendimento de Geração e Transmissão em Sociedades

Cemig – Belo Horizonte, Brazil "Our partnership with Ricardo Vargas was not about business. It was a common well-done challenge in which we had the opportunity to join our experience with his charismatic leadership. The tangible and immediate results were three months less in the schedule of Baguari HPP implementation and a new book collecting our knowledge on Hydro Power Plant developing. But the most important result can be in the future. Behind this gentle man there is one of the most expert on project management in the world and it’s comforting to know that we can count on him again."

Florence Magri

São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo Vargas is an outstanding professional. I have a profound admiration for his career and I’m very proud to be invited to write this recommendation. He is a very well-prepared, skilled, high energy professional with a deep knowledge in Project Management. His interests include many different areas involved in his experiences as a project manager, leader and mentor. I was his student in many courses involving PMI knowledge and the best thing we have learned from Ricardo is his way of taking care of business keeping constantly attention in his partners, colleagues being a leader and a great person. Ricardo is one of the persons I have as reference."

Hilario Martins

Gerdau – São Paulo, Brazil Linkedin "Ricardo is now the most powerful Guru of Project Management worldwide. This is one of a kind. He engages people with their perceptions and thoughts! See Ricardo breaking new horizons for the Project Management is a pride for all of Brazil."