Blockchain and the Chief Strategy Officer: How Distributed Ledger Technology Will Change Strategy Design and Delivery


Rochester - USA - 2019

Ricardo Viana Vargas
Executive Director – Brightline Initiative

Tahirou Assane Oumarou
Director of Operations – Brightline Initiative

Edivandro Carlos Conforto
Head of Strategic Research – Brightline Initiative

Kirsten D Sandberg
Professor - Pace University / Editor in Chief - Blockchain Research Institute

This research looks at blockchain technology’s impact on enterprise strategy and the role of the chief strategy officer. It discusses new elements of strategic design and delivery—shared ledgers, smart contracts, and tokenized assets—and develops the concept of strategic liquidity, the degree to which an enterprise can manoeuvre in a competitive environment and dynamically reallocate resources and access capabilities. It frames implementation challenges as areas for further research and opportunities to participate in blockchain standards development. Finally, it suggests ways for companies to cultivate blockchain knowledge and expertise. Research sponsored by the Blockchain Research Institute and the Brightline Initiative.

Read the published article at SSRN (former Social Science Research Network) / You can download the article here

Strategy , Blockchain