The Legal Team is the Best Friend in Protecting Your Project and Your Organisation (Stewardship)

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about the legal aspects of project management. He explains that the project manager often may perceive that their work is being delayed due to the requirements of other areas, for example.

Ricardo explains that these requirements are made to protect the project and, in the end, your organization. Often in the eagerness to do things quickly and be agile, the project manager generates future turbulence in which he/she is not prepared.

The project exists as part of an organizational enterprise that continues to exist after the end of the project.

There must be instruments that can protect both the supplier and the buyer, for example. If there is a different understanding regarding payment, delivery, guarantees, obligations, protection, and insurance, the solution will only be possible through the contracts made between the parties.

Legal criteria exist to protect your organization, and it is your duty of care as a steward to protect and support the project and the company you work for.