When Haste Makes Waste: Understanding the Failed Release of Google AI Bard

This week, Ricardo talks about the difficulties inherent in presenting a new product to the consumer. As an example, he mentions the recent launch of the artificial intelligence tool Google Bard, which is a competitor to ChatGPT.

Incorrect information was provided in response to a child's question to the James Webb Telescope.

For Google and other large corporations, failure is costly from many perspectives, most notably in terms of credibility and market value (Google lost $100 billion).

Ricardo notes that Google likely spent time and effort developing this new AI engine because the company has very skilled workers. But he wonders if executives were pressured to speed up the product's launch.

The question is, from a projects point of view, what is the cost of releasing an immature version? How reliable will we be as a company? Sometimes we rush to market with an unfinished product, which can have serious consequences for us and our business.

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