The Future of Project Management Using DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization)

In this week’s podcast, Ricardo discusses DAO (short for "Decentralized Autonomous Organizations")

Decisions on DAO platforms are made collectively, like in a real-world cooperative, with input from all members.

With DAO, says Ricardo, we may not need a project manager, scrum master, or product owner

to oversee our projects in the future. Everything would run smoothly thanks to the decisions made by the group working on the project as a whole, like a project board.

Likewise, governments could function using DAO without needing a congress, president, or even physical space.

The blockchain makes available all records of all votes taken on a given topic.

Although DAO helps us make decisions more quickly and efficiently, it is very challenging for them to replace human oversight of factors like employee motivation, stress levels, and team dynamics.

Listen to #5minpodcast to understand better.