Why Do We Need to Learn How to Swallow the Fish if We Want to Deliver Successful Projects?

In this week's episode, Ricardo explores a crucial concept for achieving successful project delivery: "swallowing the fish."

This idea, originating from the book "Technology as a Service Playbook" by Thomas Lah and JB Wood, is represented by a graph that forms the shape of a fish, depicting a decline in revenue and an increase in expenses.

Ricardo applies this analogy to projects and transformations, emphasizing that challenges will outweigh results throughout the journey, but will eventually diminish as the project nears completion.

He closes the episode discussing how important it is to understand this moment and how to be persistent and resilient to "swallow the fish" and not "throw it up" because if we do that, we are only getting the challenges of the "pain" and no benefit with the "gain."

Listen to the episode to know more.