Will Project Management Offices (PMO) Survive in the Age of AI?

In this week's podcast, Ricardo talks about the future of PMOs in an AI-dominated world. He explores the fundamental question: Can Project Management Offices (PMOs) stay relevant in the age of AI?

AI will change the work we all do inside PMOs. AI could take over tasks like making reports or sorting out data.

But Ricardo sees a bright side. He thinks PMOs can use AI to improve delivery as a great accelerator of work, freeing up the time of the PMO to do other critically relevant work like developing and supporting soft skills of Project Managers and team managers, managing conflicts, supporting change, providing psychological safety to the teams struggling to deliver.

All these tasks are critically relevant, but they are not provided by AI (at least at the present moment).

Finally, Ricardo invites us all to think differently about PMOs and AI. He shows us how we can use these new tools to our advantage.

Are you interested? Listen to the podcast to know more.