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3 Simple Ways to Improve your Experience with Projects

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about the many ways to gain experience in project management that go beyond formal education, courses and certifications. He also mentions that you don't start a career in projects managing gigantic or highly complex projects. The main part of the podcast is in the three tips you can follow to increase your experience and make project management part of your DNA.


Retrospective 2013

In this podcast, Ricardo makes his retrospective of 2013. Again, a year with mixed feelings. A good year for some, a tough one for others. One of the points highlighted by Ricardo was the dangerous excess of expectation, from companies, governments and professionals, about what really project management can bring as a result, when well executed. In the next podcast, he will talk about the perspectives for 2014.


Discussion groups about Project management

This podcast is dedicated to the discussion groups about project management. Ricardo Vargas talks about the great variety of benefits that a discussion group provide to the professionals in the field. As an example, he talks about the E-Plan-BR, considered today the largest web based group about project management in Brazil.