Project Closeout

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What is Your Exit Strategy?

In this week's episode, Ricardo makes an analogy on how you can use the same approach to close a project in your own professional life when it is time for you to move on. Sometimes we know that, for any reason you may choose, it is time for you to end a cycle to give the opportunity to start a new one. But this process is not as happy and joyful as the beginning of a project or job.


Post Mortem Analysis

In this episode, Ricardo introduces the Post Mortem Analysis, one of the less used and most relevant collective learning activities that project and program teams can do at the end of their project, program or initiative.


5 Steps to Prepare the Project Closeout Document

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the project closeout document, he explains that this document is a mark that records the completion of the work and certifies the project closeout. He also explains that the project closeout document is divided into 5 parts and shows what is the contents of these parts.