Antifragile: Why Being Able to Gain from Disorder is Key to Succeed Nowadays? – Part 2/2

In this week's episode, Ricardo returns to the concept of Antifragile, presented by Nicholas Taleb in his book, where Taleb stated that the antifragile "is not necessarily the opposite of fragile" but "what improves with shock."

Ricardo talks about making the different types of systems antifragile, systems that can be you, your career, or your company.

He complements the concept and outlines the five steps from fragile to antifragile.

He starts by using the Barbell Bar concept, which talks about balancing weights and thus reducing fragility, and goes through the other four of the five steps proposed by Taleb: Decrease Fragility, Generate Options, Modularize, Risk Your Skin and Reflect and Learn From the Failure.

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