Antifragile: Why Being Able to Gain from Disorder is Key to Succeed Nowadays? - Part 1/2

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about the concept of Antifragile, presented by Nicholas Taleb in his book.

To better explain it, Ricardo explains the meaning of being "fragile" and "robust," where "robust" is not necessarily the opposite of fragile. Robust refers to the ability to resist shock and is not necessarily improved by shock.

What improves with shock is Antifragile. And what you gain from stress.

The only way to thrive in such a volatile environment is to create an Antifragile mindset and attitude.

Ricardo exemplifies several Antifragile systems such as our muscles, the dandelion flower, the Hydra of Hercules, and even the coronavirus.

All these environments have something in common: They grow under stress, adapt, and learn.

Next week Ricardo will complement the concept and talk about the five steps to take the fragile to the Antifragile using the Barbell Bar concept.