Do Not Mess Up Your Communications By Using the Wrong Channel

This week, Ricardo discusses the importance of careful communication in the workplace and throughout projects.

Each of us brings unique beliefs, skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table. Noise and wear and tear are detrimental to the project and our work when communication is unclear or the means used to transmit information is inadequate. The data we thought to be useful ended up being harmful.

In accordance with the MRT Method, Ricardo explains, we have both poor and rich lines of communication.

When information is presented in a variety of ways, it increases the likelihood that recipients will grasp its significance. It's difficult to understand the message sent over a poor communication channel because there aren't enough resources to clarify it.

Using a rich communication channel necessitates more time to prepare and explain; in some cases, to communicate effectively directly, we need personal interaction, where we can easily perceive verbal and non-verbal cues and respond accordingly. When we choose to send a message with just a few words to get a quick solution, we use a poor means of communication that will cause different interpretations and unnecessary stress.

Always ensure your communication channel is optimal for getting your message across.

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