The World of Inflexibility is Over

In this week's episode, Ricardo talks about flexibility and inflexibility when planning something.

We often have the mindset of planning, executing, and controlling something so that it must go exactly as planned. Any variation in the plan is bad and should be avoided, this is inflexibility, and all we don't have today is predictability, showing that the world of inflexibility no longer exists.

Ricardo explains that we need to have a broader range of decision-making regarding changes, to be flexible, and teams have to seek as much autonomy as possible.

And finally, Ricardo gives three tips for you to have a team with more autonomy, more flexibility, and more conditions to adapt to this changing environment, that is, to be anti-fragile, which are:

  • Invest in knowledge and understand the cause-and-effect relationships.
  • Work with principles rather than processes.
  • Measure the result by the ability of people to work together and produce the expected deliverables.

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