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Project Feasibility Study x Project Plan and Execution: Understanding the Frontiers

In this podcast, Ricardo explains that an Analysis of Feasibility of a Project should be seen as a project by itself, with all the characteristics of a project, having a Project Charter, a schedule, a WBS etc. The analysis may demonstrate that the project under study is not feasible, but that does not mean that the feasibility study was a failure. Understand the reason.


"Done is Better than Perfect": What you an learn with this quote

In this podcast, Ricardo explains that the project manager should seek to simplify the way he/she leads the projects. In the quest for perfection, many people often create methodologies which are too complex to be used and end up not being used at all. He mentions a methodology he once created, pinpointing ways that enable the simplification of the procedures necessary to manage projects.


Urgency: A Critical Factor in Project Planning

This article aims to discuss the costs and benefits of speed in developing a project plan and proposes a basic process that consists of 10 steps to plan and 10 steps to track a project in a short time. The process aims to simplify and prioritize critical documents to be developed in order to ensure the purpose, scope, deadlines and budgets, as well as direct restrictions of the project to be developed.


Urgencia: Un Factor Crítico en el Planeamiento de Proyectos

El artículo tiene por objetivo discutir los costos y beneficios de la velocidad en el desarrollo de un plan de proyecto y propone un proceso básico compuesto de 10 etapas para planear y 10 etapas para acompañar/controlar un proyecto en un corto espacio de tiempo. El proceso propone la priorización y simplificación de los documentos críticos a ser desarrollados de modo que aseguren el propósito, el alcance, los plazos y presupuestos, bien como las restricciones directas del proyecto a ser desarrollado.