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How to do Stakeholder Analysis in Practice - Part 1 of 2

In this special podcast, Ricardo teaches, in practice, how to do a Stakeholder Analysis. To follow the step-by-step shown by Ricardo, you will need this material: 3 large sheets of paper (i.e. flip chart size), tape, several post-it's and pens (or markers), two to three different colors for pens and post-it's. And of course, your team to participate in the brainstorming. Follow next week the final part of this podcast!


Managing Expectations

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about managing stakeholders' expectations. What is the importance of properly managing expectations? What is the relationship of them with the project's scope and risk management?


5 Ideas to Mitigate the Scope Changes in Your Project - Part 1 of 2

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about how can we minimize scope changes in a project. He explains that we need to have a connection between the functional scope, client-oriented, and the technical scope, that is team-oriented. And that we also should make a plan as detailed as possible. Next week, listen to the continuation of this podcast, where Ricardo will suggest three other control measures:


When is the best time to do the Project Kick-off Meeting?

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the time that the project kick-off meeting should be performed. He explains that as the size of the project, the kick-off meeting does not necessarily have to be just one but many. Ricardo shows that we can have a kick-off meeting early in the project where the WBS is still wider, and we can have another kick-off meeting once the plan is ready.


Feedback in Communications Management

In this podcast, Ricardo discusses the importance of feedback during project communications. He approaches the "screen" concept regarding personality and perception and that understanding the cultural and social differences can influence the project results directly.


Virtual Teams

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the management of virtual teams in projects. He explains that this is a big trend in the business world and shows the benefits of leading a virtual team, as well as the major challenges that must be dealt with like cultural, communications and geographic issues.



In this podcast, Ricardo talks about procrastination in projects, ie the act of delaying something in the project. He explains the reasons why people take this attitude also called of "student syndrome".


Security Information in Projects

In this podcast, Ricardo Vargas talks about confidential projects that demand a security information and the projects where the dissemination of information makes a çompetitive differential for the Project Manager. This podcast was recorded only in Brazilian Portuguese. The link below is for the Brazilian Portuguese version.

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