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How to do Stakeholder Analysis in Practice - Part 1 of 2

In this special podcast, Ricardo teaches, in practice, how to do a Stakeholder Analysis. To follow the step-by-step shown by Ricardo, you will need this material: 3 large sheets of paper (i.e. flip chart size), tape, several post-it's and pens (or markers), two to three different colors for pens and post-it's. And of course, your team to participate in the brainstorming. Follow next week the final part of this podcast!


The new Scope, Time and Cost Planning Processes of the PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition

In this podcast, Ricardo concludes the series of five podcasts on the PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition. He talks about the reasons behind the creation of processes "5.1", "6.1" and "7.1", Plan Scope Management, Plan Schedule Management and Plan Cost Management, respectively. He comments on how best to use these processes, taking into account the project complexity.


Stakeholder Management - PMBOK 5th Edition - Part 1 of 2

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the chapter 13 of the PMBOK® 5th Edition, Stakeholder Management. Ricardo comments on the characteristics of the four processes that have been grouped together in this new knowledge area. In the next podcast, Ricardo continues to talk about how to execute and control the Stakeholder Management Plan.


Main Differences between the 4th and the 5th Edition of the PMBOK® Guide

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the main differences between the fourth and the fifth edition of the PMBOK ® Guide. He introduces the 10th knowledge area, Stakeholders, created for the fifth edition, and comments on the news in every other knowledge area, that together have a total of 47 processes, three more than in the fourth edition of the Guide.


Managing Expectations

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about managing stakeholders' expectations. What is the importance of properly managing expectations? What is the relationship of them with the project's scope and risk management?


Understanding the Delphi Technique

In this podcast, Ricardo talks a little bit about the Delphi technique and it's use beyond project risk identification. He gives tips on how to use it correctly, and also talks about the advantages and disadvantages of this technique.


Understanding the Stakeholder Analysis

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the stakeholder analysis and the types of interest they may have in the project. He explains that stakeholders will have a positive interest or negative interest in the project. Under this approach, he talks of levels of interest, showing who the people are more interested and how the manager should involve them in the project.


Human Resource Management

In this podcast, Ricardo Vargas talks about Human Resource Management and explains that often times the project manager has a more technical background with no experience on human resource management. He talks about the importance of maintaining the motivation of the stakeholders and that the project manager must learn to practice the active listening so as to better understand the stakeholders needs.



In this podcast Ricardo Vargas talks about stakeholder management and who the project stakeholders are and the type of influence they exert on the project. He also talks about the importance of mapping the stakeholders and managing their expectations. He also explains what should be made to identify the most influential stakeholders in the project. This podcast was recorded only in Brazilian Portuguese.

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