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Danubio Becker Borba - A Great Legacy to Project Management

In this podcast, Ricardo pays homage to his friend and teacher Danúbio Becker Borba, who died recently. Prof. Danúbio was an example of a dedicated teacher and one of the volunteers founders of the chapter PMI São Paulo. He had special participation in designing the PMDome workshop and pioneered the use of the techniques of games for education in project management.


Directly from Paris: The Secret of Project Management for Luxury Goods

Directly from Paris, France, Ricardo talks in this podcast about the most important characteristics of project management for the development of luxury goods, where criteria like speed and cost reduction are revisited and re-contextualized to reach a market that is driven by other assumptions. He focus on the image construction and exclusivity as essential peculiarity of the functional scope (requirement) of this kind of product.


Product Management x Project Management

In this podcast, Ricardo tries to differentiate the concept of project management and product management (management of the product generated by the project. Despite the same origin, the approach strategies of these 2 management practices are significantly different. This podcast was recorded only in Brazilian Portuguese. The link below is for the Brazilian Portuguese version.


Easy, Practical and Direct

In this podcast Ricardo Vargas talks about his perception of how to properly manage projects. He believes that only simple solutions, direct and practical work. Most complex solutions serve only as a theoretical framework and simple solutions often solve the problem. This podcast was recorded only in Brazilian Portuguese.